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Discover the A.I. Solution That's Taking Businesses to New Heights!

Are you ready to experience a whole new level of success in your online business? Our expert digital staff can research and provide answers to some of your most pressing questions. On this page you will some of the most intelligent and helpful marketers, social media, copywriters, and lead generation experts online today.

A Sampling of Our Staff

We Have Compiled An Impressive Collection Of Experts For You To Get Assistance In The Various Areas Of Marketing.

Choose the area of expertise you would like to tap into. Ask any question specific to their fields.

These AI tools are free to use as often as you wish. 

Add Virtual Experts To Your Website

It's no secret that many businesses want to provide help to their visitors and staff. It's also no secret that doing it yourself is incredibly time consuming, expensive and, in many cases, very difficult. Well, we have the technology and the expertise ready for you to add to your website to answer questions, provide assistance, and do the research. We have over 70 experts ready to employ in your business right now. Watch the video below.

Relevant Answers

Only answers questions relevant to their expertise. Your users questions get answered with relevant information.

No Guesses

Uses knowledge researched online. You can ask as many questions without opening a new page or starting a new search.

Always Working

Can work 24/7 or the hours you set. No need to limit access.

Talks to You

Can respond with voice when using a mobile device.

Saves Money

Saves your business time and money - no need to hire or farm out the research.

Just How You Want

Easily configurable - change the name, or  image to reflect a familiar staff member.


/one time

Additional Staff available for a discounted price.


You're Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

At Business Builders Connection we value all of our customers. We want you to be happy, and successful. Our commitment to you is uncompromisingly simple: Get this amazing offer today, use it for the next 30 days. If it is not the right fit for you just send a note to our help desk asking for a full refund and we will return your full purchase price - no questions asked. 

If you are interested in adding other helpful apps to your website, or if you need help in getting more sales and conversions contact us through the form below or visit our website at BusinessBuildersConnection.com.

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